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허브체험 및 공장


Hanji Crafts

Using Korean paper, you can make various shapes by tearing the paper.
It gives a high level of satisfaction as the experiencer draw the desired picture,
such as flowers, trees, butterflies, and clouds as you want.You can also do with napkin art, paint directly with a brush, or oil-based pens, making Korean paper lanterns, paper terrariums, and fans using Korean paper.



You can improve your understanding of aroma and re-create them with different aroma oils that give you therapeutic effect. You can be healed by their incense and by making aroma candles, gypsum air fresheners, diffusers, and soaps.


Herb Experience

From May to September, you can meet herbs that bloom in nature such as chamomile, peppermint, rosemary and so on. You can experience the diversity of herbs such as making herb vinegar, herb salt making, block succulents, succulent planters, coffee grounds crafts, etc..


Workshop Experience

A variety of items are available for a pleasant workshop experience. Eco bag, fashion painting, natural dyeing, cloisonne craft, deform block, shrink, bead craft, cross stitch, etc. can be made. You can create a pleasant time by making your own artwork, and it can also be used as a prop or daily necessities. It is an easy but satisfying craft experience. As we have entered the non-face-to-face era, they are also sold as DIY kits.


Please contact the following contact information for reservation and
questions regarding the hub story experience.

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